Taking You To The Bridge Task Forces

We are now organized into Taking You To The Bridge Task Forces -  for members and volunteers to further realize the Mission and Vision of the Music Heritage Foundation:

1- Hank Williams & Herzog
2- Historic Herzog business and operations
3- 1st Cincinnati R&B in Herzog
4- Cincinnati - Most Sampled City USA
5- Permanent remembrance to Who tragedy on riverfront
6- Plaque to WSAI - Incline District
7- Historic Herzog research
8- Supporting CET King Records film
9- Protect 1540 Brewster/ Support Bootsy Collins Foundation
10- Historic landmark oversight group
11- Delmore Days in Cincinnati
12- Fifth Floor studios
13- Tourism & revenue
14- Promotions/ street
15- Hospitality/ visiting artists
16- Music Heritage Foundation releases
17- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame King Records class
18- CEAs (Cincinnati Entertainment Awards)
19- Supporting MPMF (MidPoint Music Festival)
20- Herzog tours

You can help make sure that Cincinnati's rich music heritage is not forgotten. Become a member of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation and choose what group to work with, promote and shape.

Members can also just enjoy themselves and support those who participate in Taking You To The Bridge Task Forces.

Volunteers to task forces are also welcome.  In fact, it is only through the incredible generosity of volunteers throughout the community that the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation has met success.

Stay tuned for a membership level designed to provide benefits for volunteers.