Join CMHF for CEAs – Sun Jan 31 – Madison Theater

(Cincinnati - OH) The CEAs are our region's annual showcase and celebration of our music community of various genres. Hosted by CityBeat, the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation (CMHF) is the non-profit beneficiary of this live awards show and has the entire upper balcony for a VIP experience. Tix for VIP support the nonprofits mission of celebrating the region's musical heritage through education and engagement and make you a CMHF member. For $40 in advance or $50 at door, you receive:
- Ticket and early access anywhere Madison theater and balcony
- Eli's BBQ and beverages
- Year long membership to CMHF for special Herzog events and recordings

To purchase: Tickets | 19th Annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards | CincyTicket:


1) During a special segment of the CEAs, CMHF will honor the King Records alumnus like Otis Williams, Philip Paul, Denise Crawley, Gevena Woode and Jimmy Railey, whom testified in the successful win of Landmarking and protecting the former King Records buildings where American civil rights and new musical genres were made. (NEWSFLASH: The landmarking and protection of the former King Records buildings in Evanston was ruled in favor once again with Judge Dewine, following the unanimous rulings by the Historic Conservation Board, Planning Commission, and Mayor Cranley and united City Council. The owner's attempt to tear down the former studio and civil rights landmark appears thwarted.) CMHF invites everyone to celebrate with us and please thank these musicians in person at the CEAs VIP.

2) CMHF will also be celebrating the dedication of the Memorial Marker to honor the lives lost and impacted by the tragedy at the 12/3/79 Who concert with a special message.

3) Opportunities to get involved with CMHF and Herzog to be revealed and offered to attendees.

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